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Best Bank in Vietnam Techcombank powered by Backbase

We are confident that with Backbase’s expertise in omnichannel banking systems, they are the right partners who will help us get there.”

Pranav Seth, Chief Digital Officer, Techcombank

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  • How to convince your board of management on the road to digital transformation?
  • What is Techcombank’s technology recipe for success?
  • How digital enables Techcombank in their vision to change banking, change lives?
  • The road to becoming the bank that people love.
How do we create that interaction that doesn't feel that I am just here to sell a product? I am here to enable your business. I think digital, powered by really smart use of data and analytics is the only way to achieve that. Finally, ecosystems, so having the right partnerships that bring it all together.

Pranav Seth, Chief Digital Officer, Techcombank

Techcombank selects Backbase to power its revolutionary digital-first transformation

“To achieve our new vision of “Change banking, Change lives”, Techcombank is embarking on a customer-centric, data and digital-first transformation. In a post pandemic world, making digital experiences simple, safe and seamless while empowering our staff to advise customers in an extremely personalized manner is a core priority. By transforming our customer engagement platform, Techcombank will be able to innovate at speed to create better products, scale our operations, and make it possible to create a seamless banking experience for our customers. We are confident that with Backbase’s expertise in omnichannel banking systems, they are the right partners who will help us get there.

Pranav Seth, Chief Digital Officer of Techcombank

Techcombank - Mobile app

Techcombank’s CEO Jens Lottner: “The challenge is the abundance of opportunities”

“If you want to create new experiences, these all need to work hand in glove. So you cannot think about your core on one hand then think about your tech marketing stack on the other hand and then think about your data lake somewhere. These all need to come together so that you create the experiences that are already in mind. In a lot of cases, technology is still somewhat built independently.

The implementation and the infrastructure, all of these are done by the experts. Because for a bank in our market, the real cost is not implementation of technology, it’s lost revenue opportunity if we don't get it right. Shifting that mindset requires business to fully come to the table.”

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