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Essential resources for banking executives:Enter ‘Banking Reinvented’

Accelerating a Future-proof & Customer-centric Digital Banking Architecture

Cyrus Daruwala, IDC's MD of Financial Services Insights recently spoke at our IDC & Backbase Leadership Banking Insights Forum 2023 in the Philippines where industry experts and banking leaders deep dive into innovation, acceleration, differentiation, customer experience, aspirations, possibilities and more in digital banking — empowering you with actionable insights to navigate the complexities of this mobile-first and digital-first platform era.

In this keynote, Cyrus emphasized that there is a limitation towards pure build. He had stated that “You don't have the skill sets to understand the new technology or the cloud technology, so how are you going to build and enhance and augment that?”. More than US$100Billion had been spent on digital initiatives without significant ROE.

From this video, you will get to learn:

  • Grounded examples, benchmarks and steps to help you maneuver and grow in effectiveness in this new era of banking services

  • What is a DX Economy

  • How to maximize and show your true ROE through an Engagement Banking Platform within the Philippines landscape.


  • Cyrus Daruwala

    MD, Global Financial Services, IDC

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