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Operating Model

The only way to keep up with ever-changing expectations is to upgrade your operations.


The true costs of an outdated operating model

Why technical debt, siloed infrastructure, lack of digital talent, and outdated ways of working are slowing banks down.


of digital transformation projects fail to deliver results

Spot the signs

Is your technology causing more problems than it solves?

Here are some clues that indicate there might be room for improvement in your I.T. operations:

  • Long time to market - digital transformation projects go over budget or take too long.
  • Overspending on maintenance & technical debt - the majority of your IT budget goes into running and fixing existing systems.
  • Over-reliance on outsourcing - you rely heavily on external help due to a lack of in-house talent and capacity to meet customer demands.
Operating model spot the signs
Don’t miss out

The hidden costs of an outdated operating model

As digital channels play an increasingly pivotal role in customer engagement, not having the right operating model can hamper a bank’s ability to thrive in a dynamic, connected, and competitive market.

Higher operating costs

Complex legacy infrastructure operated in-house does not benefit from the scale, efficiency, and agility of modern platforms, leading to higher costs compared to more nimble competitors.

Higher cost of innovation

Without the right platform and resources, you have to spend more than your competitors to achieve the same results, making it harder to recover value from your investments.

Increased dependency on vendors

Without the right expertise and processes in-house, you’re forced to rely on a multitude of outside suppliers for talent and tools with less control over outcomes.

Take action

Future-proof your operations

Here are some best practices to improve your organization’s innovation capacity.

Adopt the platform model

Even with the best of intentions, banks are often slowed down by complex and monolithic legacy infrastructures that they’re afraid to touch. Replacing these core systems comes at a significant cost, but solutions exist. Placing a unified engagement layer on top of your existing systems of record gives you the agility you need without having to replace the whole underlying infrastructure. Then, open your new platform to technology providers, from core to cloud, so you can leverage the power of best-in-class fintechs and keep on building. Your move: Choose a banking-specific cloud ecosystem that can unburden your IT teams from the headaches of ever-changing and complex industry-specific technology requirements.

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Operating model adopt the platform model
Operating model focus on differentiation
Operating model develop in house capabilities
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3 reasons to reimagine your operations

  • Reduce your tech debt. A McKinsey survey reported that up to 20% of the average technology budget is diverted to resolving issues related to tech debt. Fix it, and you can spend more on new products and solutions.
  • Take back control. With the right platform and talent, you can reduce your dependency on vendors and outsourcing for your most critical systems.
  • Accelerate. Top-performing banks release changes thousands of times per month. With the right platform, processes, and skill sets, you can be more agile and release more frequently, so you can keep up with your business expectations.
Operating model see results
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