Group History

Turning 200 systems into one smart digital banking ecosystem

ABN AMRO, a full-service bank, has a leading position in The Netherlands. 21% of the Dutch population use ABN AMRO as their principal bank, in the (small) business segment ABN AMRO has a market share of 20%, and in private banking ABN AMRO is the market leader in The Netherlands. The bank has over 21,000 employees.

Its history stretches back through numerous mergers, notably the Amsterdamsche Bank (1871) merger with Rotterdamsche Bank (1873), which was part of a merger that included Determeijer Weslingh & Zn (1765). This formed AMRO Bank, which in 1991 merged with ABN to become what it is today, the third-largest bank in the Netherlands.

A strong track record with Backbase

The relationship between ABN AMRO Bank and Backbase goes back to 2004, when the two parties first agreed to work together. From 2011, ABN AMRO has used the Backbase Customer Experience Platform to enhance the user experience of its online banking portals for retail banking clients (ca. 5 million retail clients and 300,000 SME clients), as well as corporate banking clients (ca. 70,000 corporate clients).

“We create our front-end by using predefined customer journeys. We’re now able to build and manage components in the front-end more rapidly and flexible.”

says Norbert Siegers, Head of IT Distribution Retail & Private Banking at ABN AMRO.

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