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Accelerating customer onboarding with the power of one platform

To keep up with the demands of its tech-savvy customers, the National Bank of Bahrain tapped Backbase to help create a fully digital onboarding option and set a new standard for account-opening in the kingdom.

By leveraging the power of the Backbase Engagement Banking Platform, NBB was able to slash onboarding times – from an average of 180 minutes down to only 6 – creating an exceptional first impression for its new customers.

With this powerful solution and a highly rated new mobile app, NBB also:

  • Increased customer acquisition
  • Boosted customer retention rates
  • Minimized time-consuming manual tasks
  • Expanded its product options, creating opportunities for cross-sell
By creating a seamless, unified digital banking platform, we’ve been able to offer state-of-the-art onboarding for customers and positively impact each customer based on their personal needs – offering the right financial solution at the right time.

Subah Al Zayani,
Chief Executive, Retail Banking at NBB

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