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Backbase's commitment to sustainability: climate projects and green initiatives

At Backbase, we are dedicated to empowering our customers to create exceptional digital experiences. Our commitment goes beyond technology, extending to the health of our planet and the well-being of our communities.

by Rentia Morcom

3 mins read


In addition to our climate investment projects, we have launched several green initiatives to engage our employees and customers.

Green initiatives

Backing the Planet Campaign

Our month-long Backing the Planet campaign was a great success! We organized volunteering events in 5 countries and hosted 9 webinars with our Go-Green partners, involving over 150 Backbasers in various sustainability activities. We also made donations to environmental organizations that hosted our volunteer projects.

Trees for Deals Initiative

For every new customer logo and go-live celebration, we allocate trees in the Backbase Forest. This supports the work of Justdiggit through a method called Treecovery. For every €2,000 from a closed deal, we revive one tree, and for each go-live, we commit to restoring 500 trees.

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Climate investment projects

To drive meaningful climate action, we have expanded our climate investment portfolio to include various high-quality, verified carbon reduction and removal projects. These initiatives help us compensate for our environmental footprint while promoting sustainable development. Our projects focus on:

  • Health and livelihoods

  • Sustainable infrastructure

  • Nature-based solutions

Some of our key contributions include:

Bondhu Chula Stoves, Bangladesh

The Bondhu Chula project improves health by reducing emissions and indoor air pollution with its 'friendly stove.' It also promotes economic growth by training micro-entrepreneurs in stove production, sales, and marketing.

Community Reforestation, Ghana

This project restores degraded forests by planting teak and indigenous trees. It improves soil and water quality, supports biodiversity, creates over 1,000 jobs, provides 6,000 hectares for intercropping, and fosters community resilience, especially focusing on women's economic empowerment.

North Maine Woods Forestry, USA

This initiative allows forests to grow longer, resisting the pressure to harvest quickly for pulpwood products. By extending tree growth cycles, we enhance carbon sequestration and support biodiversity.

Orb Household Solar, India

Over 160,000 solar systems installed by this project cut GHG emissions by 55,000 tonnes annually, reduced electricity costs, improved indoor air quality, and supported education and job creation.

Wind Power Portfolio, Turkey

These projects reduce GHG emissions, promote energy independence, and boost economic growth. By feeding renewable wind power into the grid, we help displace fossil fuels and create jobs in the renewable energy sector.

Our commitment

We believe that caring for the planet and thriving communities are essential to our core values.

We are committed to continuing our sustainability journey, engaging employees, customers, and partners in meaningful environmental actions. By working together, we aim to make a significant difference in the fight for a greener future.