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From Bangkok to beyond: Backbase ENGAGE Asia 2023 highlights

Backbase recently wrapped up its first regional event in Asia, Backbase ENGAGE Asia 2023. The event was a significant step for Backbase, showcasing its commitment to transforming digital banking experiences in Asia through its Engagement Banking Platform.

by Backbase

Expanding horizons in Asia

The choice of Bangkok wasn't random. Backbase strategically selected Thailand for its regional debut to highlight the company's focus on growing in Asia. The dynamic market and Thailand's growing financial sector made it an ideal setting to showcase Backbase's commitment to revolutionizing digital banking experiences across the continent.

Media buzz across the region

ENGAGE Asia 2023 was a success, making waves in the media across the region. Major publications, like Krungthep Turakij, The Bangkok Post, and The Standard Wealth, covered the event extensively. With a combined online reach of over 1.8 million, these outlets highlighted Backbase's role in shaping the future of banking in Asia.

Insights and perspectives

ENGAGE Asia 2023 brought together key players in the banking industry, featuring insights from inspiring speakers, including Backbase CEO and Founder Jouk Pleiter, Chief Product Officer Karan Oberoi, and Chief Technology Officer Thomas Fuss. The event explored the “Big Shift” — the transformative journey from Traditional to Engagement Banking — emphasizing customer-centricity, multi-channel interaction, and personalized products and services.

Navigating the digital banking landscape in Asia

The conference delved into the challenges faced by Asian banks in digital transformation, echoing findings from a recent IDC InfoBrief commissioned by Backbase. The report revealed that 70% of digital transformation projects in Asia fall short of expectations, signaling a crucial need for progressive modernization.

Building bridges to new banking frontiers

ENGAGE Asia 2023 was a hub for collaboration, bringing together not just banking executives but also industry leaders, partners, and influencers.

Our agenda was packed with insightful sessions. We featured Fireside chats with three respected banking leaders in Asia: Pranav Seth, Chief Digital Officer at Techcombank, Ramesh Lakshminarayanan, CIO at HDFC Bank, and Mark Bantigue, Head of Digital Strategy at BDO Unibank

They shared fascinating success stories, serving as inspiration for other banks in Asia. Their stories highlighted important themes such as banking transformation, financial inclusion, and personalized services, all powered by Backbase's Engagement Banking Platform.

We also got insights from a top-notch CXO panel, including Chris Shayan, Chief Digital Banking Officer at HDBank, Noel Tagaza, Chief Digital Officer at Chinabank, and Jonathan Sharp, Strategy & Partner Financial Services Operations at PwC. Together, they shared invaluable experiences and insights on platform strategies, digital approaches to reaching the unbanked, and the benefits of unified platforms over siloed ones.

Backbase also worked with McKinsey and fintech influencer Chris Skinner to get banks excited about the "Big Shift" and rethink their plans for 2024.

Looking ahead

As Backbase continues to pioneer Engagement Banking in Asia, ENGAGE Asia 2023 serves as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration. The insights gained and connections made during the event position Backbase as a key player in reshaping the banking landscape across the continent.