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Digital banking appetite in the GCC

A look at digital banking trends and shifting consumer habits in the region

In the wake of COVID-19, customers in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are increasingly demanding enhanced digital banking services. As such, the adoption of digital practices has become the cornerstone of a competitive banking economy.

The results of the Digital banking appetite in the GCC report show that more than 80% of customers prefer to do their banking online, rather than at a physical branch, and a third feel that their bank provides weak digital banking services. Alongside other relevant statistics, this demonstrates that banks in the GCC face a digital transformation imperative and must act now to remain competitive.

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How can we use technology platforms and think of them not as just part of a technology set-up but actually as parts of our operating model and part of the way that we view the world?

Matthijs Eijpe,
Regional Vice President EMEA, Backbase