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4 banking leaders on achieving success in digital sales

European banks are quickly evolving. Their focus is on digital sales — the process of signing-up new customers and selling products digitally.

To dig into the extent and need for this evolution, we launched a new report together with The Banker: A New Era in Retail Digital Sales for CEE Banks, featuring four CXOs from leading banks:

  • Peter Bosek, CEO, Luminor
  • Sergiu Oprescu, General Manager of international network, Alpha Bank
  • Michal Plechawski, CIO, mBank
  • Massimo Proverbio, Chief IT, Digital and Innovation, Intesa Sanpaolo

The highly-comprehensive report covers numerous topics, including:

  • The biggest challenges—and benefits—of improving the client digital sign-up process
  • How to keep customers engaged throughout the sales lifecycle
  • How to modernise your tech stack to drive digital sales
  • How incumbents can best stay competitive in the future

The full report is a critical read for any bank that wants to stay competitive in the CEE region.

Client experience is driven much more by your daily experience when it comes to Amazon, Netflix and iPhone. These companies are changing the way clients expect us to be when they make contact with us.

Peter Bosek, CEO, Luminor

Download the reportto stay competitive in the CEE region


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