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The African Digital Banking Transformation Report 2023

Unveiling Africa's digital banking revolution

Unlock the potential of Africa's digital banking revolution with the African Digital Banking Transformation Report 2023. For the third consecutive year, Backbase and African Banker magazine present a comprehensive analysis of the industry, unveiling crucial insights and trends that are shaping the future of banking. Uncover how much banks are investing in digital innovation, navigate the evolving threat landscape, and discover the priority digital services that banks are focused on building in the coming year.

Discover key figures that shape the industry:

  • 19% of banks identify themselves as digital natives
  • 40% of banks see fintechs and telcos as major threats
  • 28% of surveyed banks invest over USD 3 million annually in digital transformation

  • 69% of banks believe that AI will be the most important technology shaping the industry

Gain deep insights into the African banking sector, anticipate digital transformation trends, and unlock the potential of a platform-led banking model in this highly-anticipated report.

Stay ahead of the curve and secure your copy of the report today.

Unlock key insights on the state of African banking

We conducted a survey of over 153 financial institutions across 33 countries, providing you with a clear roadmap for digital banking transformation. Download the report now to access:

In-depth statistics illuminating the African banking market

Exclusive insights into how digital transformation will shape the future of banking

Real-world case studies from industry peers undergoing transformative journeys

Download the reportBe the first to access the African Digital Banking Transformation Report 2023


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