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Backbase tops the ranks and wins Javelin Strategy & Research’s Best in Class award

Backbase is thrilled to announce several major wins in Javelin Strategy & Research’s Small Business Digital Account Opening Scorecard, a report which evaluates market leaders and the innovative solutions they offer for this complex, essential banking process. The exhaustive scorecard provides an analysis of the small business customer onboarding vendor landscape, and Backbase performed well across the board.

Backbase is proud to have been recognised as a leader in all three evaluation categories; Customer Journey, Administrative Tools and User Experience.

Backbase’s SME Banking platform has taken a comprehensive approach to solving the challenges presented by the small-business account-opening process, including pithy and effective applicant preparation, unique integrations with third parties and databases to streamline information and document collection, and well-designed approaches for managing banker-to-applicant communications.

Ian Benton, Senior Analyst, Digital Banking at Javelin

Download the full report todayto discover more about the strengths of the Backbase Engagement Banking Platform


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