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Backbase Tour Riyadh: Engagement - The commitment to customers

Dive into the latest special report from MEA Finance Magazine, featuring highlights and key takeaways from the inaugural Backbase Riyadh Tour. This report unveils success stories in Engagement Banking and digital transformation, showcasing insights from leading Middle Eastern banks. Inside, discover valuable strategies to navigate the evolving landscape of customer-centric banking in the Gulf region.

Explore excerpts from prominent speakers and panelists from Arab National Bank, Banque Saudi Fransi, National Bank of Bahrain, Banque Internationale Arabe de Tunisie, Mobiquity, and Thought Machine. Understand how Engagement Banking is shaping the future of the Middle East's financial landscape.

The new paradigm is all about architecting banking around your customer. The new model simplifies banking by transitioning from vertical silos into horizontal and from multiple-point solutions into a single platform that orchestrates everything a customer would require.

Jouk Pleiter, Founder & CEO, Backbase