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Building a digital bank from scratch

ila bank is one of the most innovative banking initiatives in the MENA region. And that shows in their recent success.

In just one year, their banking app has become one of the favourites in the Bahraini landscape, and it’s on its way to expanding even further.

The bank’s KPIs—including cost-per-acquisition and number of deposits—was 4.5x higher than they even expected. After only one year, ila, led by Bank ABC, has been a massive success.

During an interactive fireside chat, Mohamed Almaraj, CEO of ila bank, shared some valuable lessons he learned from their successful launch.

Learn more about:

  • The challenges, lessons, and takeaways from building ila bank: the first cloud-based, digital, mobile-only bank in the Middle East
  • The secret to ila bank’s success in implementing a seamless, fully digital account opening experience
  • How digital customer onboarding increased ila bank’s customer and revenue growth while reducing OPEX
  • The practical steps towards implementing a greenfield bank initiative


  • Mohamed Almaraj

    CEO of ila Bank
  • Jouk Pleiter

    Founder & CEO, Backbase