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One platform power: How banks can engage customers like BigTech

A new roundtable discussion with IBM examines how BigTech has set customer expectations, and how financial institutions can meet them.

Order a car, meal or movie on your phone and you’ll know the height of people’s digital expectations.

But although many financial institutions ignore it, the fact remains: the same expectations apply to banks and credit unions. Customer experience needs to come first. So financial institutions are at a crossroads, with the next few years determining which will truly adapt to the BigTech reality.

In this new roundtable with IBM and Aberdeen, the panelists break down what BigTech does differently – and how its all made possible with a one platform approach:

Fast, frictionless service: The customer gets in, gets what they need, and gets out. All in an instant.

Daily living: Like Big Tech, financial institutions need to become a tool integrated into daily lives.

Cost-effective: Digitized processes, reduced overhead and quick deployment need to be part of your DNA.

“Banks are rapidly establishing hybrid cloud enabled platforms with APIs and microservices to collaborate with an ecosystem of fintechs who are becoming their engine for innovation”
- Likhit Wagle, GM Global Banking, IBM

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  • Jouk pleiter

    Jouk Pleiter,
    Founder & CEO, Backbase

  • Likhit Wagle

    Likhit Wagle,
    GM, Global Banking, IBM

  • Jim Rapoza

    Jim Rapoza,
    Research Director, Aberdeen