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Backbase launches Developer Hub and Open-Source GitHub repository and open-source GitHub accelerate implementation and innovation

Backbase has launched and an open-source repository on GitHub, enabling adopters of the Backbase Engagement Banking Platform to more simply and quickly re-architect banking around the customer. Building on Backbase’s “by developers, for developers” culture, the new resources will reduce the implementation time for banks and credit unions, allowing them to focus on those customer journeys where differentiation offers the highest return on investment. is a new, central information platform bringing all the information and resources customers and partners will need to explore, build, learn and implement with Backbase products. These resources include the Backbase implementation methodology, covering user flows and configurations, to help users better understand what Backbase offers out of the box, yielding faster time to market and maximized value from the product.

We’re only at the beginning of our mission to empower you and your teams with and it will continue to rapidly grow over the coming period. We look forward to hearing ideas and input from all of our customers and partners on how we can add even more value to these powerful developer tools.

Thomas Fuss,
Backbase Chief Technology Officer

Taken together, these tools simplify adoption of the Engagement Banking Platform. Digital teams and developers can use the Product Hub, Developer Hub and API Portal, as well as ready-to-use components from the Design System, mature SDKs and the API Sandbox, to understand the platform and adapt it towards their needs quickly. Meanwhile, the GitHub open-source community has over many years shown to offer innovation, speed and security through the power of collaboration.

With developers able to provide new and utilize existing code, this new Backbase GitHub repository will enable developers to accomplish tasks in fewer sprints, moving them onto the tasks that require customization and differentiation earlier. This will improve implementation times for the Backbase Engagement Banking Platform, but also focus developer time on creating new capabilities rather than reinventing the wheel.

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