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Backbase releases Engagement Banking Revolution book

Co-authored book defines rationale and path to engagement banking, with proceeds going to financial literacy campaign

Backbase, the engagement banking category-leader, has released The Engagement Banking Revolution book for sale on Amazon. The book is co-authored with experts and practitioners in the banking industry who have embarked on the paradigm shift to re-architect banking around the customer.

For too long, banks have had technology at the center and customers at the periphery. Like the dominant platform companies of this customer-first era (Netflix, Spotify, AirBnB), the authors explain what it takes to build a bank around a unified platform that places the customer, and their needs, at the center.

“This book represents insights drawn from decades of banking experience and technology leadership, distilled into a clear pathway to move banking into the customer-first era,” said Jouk Pleiter, CEO, Backbase and one of the co-authors. “We believe there’s a better way for banks to engage with their customers – as do all of our distinguished co-authors – and we’re excited to share what we’ve learned.”

In addition to Backbase executives, the co-authors come from Standard Bank Group, Washington State Employees Credit Union, Salesforce, IBM, and Platformation Labs. Chapters cover topics, such as:

  • Why do people love platform businesses?
  • Platform economics: how to increase banking revenue and delight customers
  • The path to business model innovation
  • Discarding old biases and norms to embrace disruption
  • Defining the KPIs for Engagement Banking transformation success
  • Five crucial decisions: how to successfully start your Engagement Banking transformation
  • Culture: the driving force of your bank’s transformation
  • The technology choices that empower change
  • How the digital officer can drive sustainable Engagement Banking transformation

To learn more about the book, please visit our landing page.

Backbase is proud to support the Financial Times’ Financial Literacy and Inclusion Campaign with the proceeds of The Engagement Banking Revolution book sales. “Just as we want this book to empower the executives and leaders responsible for improving banking for millions of everyday people, we were delighted to be able to support the FT’s Financial Literacy and Inclusion Campaign and the important work they do,” Pleiter added.

The Financial Literacy and Inclusion Campaign works with partners to disseminate clear, compelling content on basic financial subjects to the people who need it most: young people, women and marginalized communities. This educational campaign will help decode the financial world, and give people straight answers on crucial issues – from credit card interest and student loans, to taxes and how to start a business.

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