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Banque Saudi Fransi selects Backbase’s Engagement Banking Platform to elevate Customers’ Digital Experience

BSF will now be able to deliver an immersive banking experience, enabling instant digital onboarding of customers

Banque Saudi Fransi (BSF) has announced a new partnership with Backbase, the leading engagement banking platform provider, to transform BSF’s digital customer experiences.

The Backbase Engagement Banking Platform will enable a superior customer experience for BSF’s retail customers, giving them an immersive journey that will help them onboard instantly – either through the web or via mobile – and digitally apply for other banking products. Moreover, the partnership will empower BSF’s employees so they can digitally assist their customers and offer them market-leading digital banking products and services.

The partnership comes in line with BSF’s overall strategy to upgrade its digital proposition and ambitions to lead the digital banking revolution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It reflects BSF’s recognition of the need to further invest in an engagement platform and maintain its commitment to exceptional customer service and offering seamless, frictionless banking services.

Backbase will help BSF provide a unique customer experience that is consistent with the bank’s mission to become the leader in digital banking and the destination of choice for customers who want a deep relationship and digital tools to manage their financial wellness – every day and at any time. Backbase’s ability to seamlessly integrate with third-party financial technology providers, enable open banking capabilities, and provide mobile app capabilities made the company BSF’s partner of choice. The partnership will support the bank as it modernizes its legacy environment and equip it with the means to compete in an increasingly competitive market.

Fintech is accelerating an evolution of the banking industry, and our continual investment in technology shows our customers that ambition and a commitment to excellence is part of BSF’s DNA. Our laser focus has always been on the most important thing: our customers. Our reputation and heritage has always been to foster the human relationship aspect and augment this with the ultimate engaging experience available from today’s technology. We strongly believe that Backbase is the best-fit partner to help us deliver on our innovation ambitions, and we are excited to be partnering with the leading engagement banking platform provider, and look forward to elevating our banking experience as a result.

Haitham Aljarbooa, Head of Consumer Banking Services at BSF

We are extremely proud and excited about our new partnership with BSF, one of the most established financial institutions that is leading the banking sector’s way forward in the Kingdom. In today’s time and age, it is imperative that banks collaborate with best-of-breed technology companies so that their mission to offer a delightful customer experience is achieved through joint efforts. The genesis of our partnership with BSF stems from the same notion: having a partner with a similar vision, looking closely at every aspect of the customer experience journey, and seeking ways to improve, upgrade and elevate it. At Backbase, we strive to create the most satisfying customer experience, and we cannot wait to support BSF to achieve this.

Matthijs Eijpe, Backbase Regional Vice President EMEA

About Banque Saudi Fransi

Banque Saudi Fransi (BSF) is a Saudi Arabian Joint Stock Company established by Royal Decree with a vision to become the most modern, innovative, and experience-focused bank in the region. Always putting the needs of people, customers, shareholders, and society ahead of personal agenda .Wealth Management team at Banque Saudi Fransi has the resources and the means to meet all the private financial goals and expectations of their clients.

BSF is one of the most ambitious banks in the Kingdom. Among its wide range of services, it provides Islamic products and services such as financing through Murabaha and Ijarah. BSF is honored to sponsor one of the great initiatives taken in this field, GIFTZ, Global Islamic Finance, Tax & Zakat.
GIFTZ Center facilitates cutting-edge research and publications conducted by experts in the field of Islamic finance, zakat, and tax.

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