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SKB banka, member of OTP Group, partners with Backbase to accelerate digital transformation

Partnership marks first step in wider commercial relationship with OTP Group – with intentions to roll out digital banking and onboarding services to additional countries

Slovenia-based SKB banka (SKB) has today announced its partnership with Engagement Banking technology provider, Backbase, to accelerate its digital transformation and ensure a seamless banking experience for all new and existing customers. The partnership will see SKB adopting Backbase’s Engagement Banking Platform, enabling it to provide digital banking and digital sales solutions to its retail, SME and corporate banking customers, enabling frictionless self-service and digital onboarding capabilities.

As a member of the OTP Group (OTP), a Hungarian-based banking group providing services across Central and Eastern Europe, SKB will be the first of many collaborations between Backbase and other members of OTP – with plans to expand across eight countries. This partnership will lay the foundations for a single, unified Engagement Banking Platform that will support the harmonization of multi-channel architecture across OTP’s various subsidiaries in Central and Eastern Europe. Deployment across further banks within the group will enable accelerated time to market for new digital solutions, as well as a lower cost of technology ownership. All while operating on a secure, efficient, and sustainable platform that is agile and scalable.

Backbase’s Engagement Banking platform will further enable SKB to unify its online and mobile experience onto a single platform, creating a frictionless and highly personalized experience for its customers, while simultaneously empowering its employees to deliver improved service through increased efficiency, transparency and connectivity.

In addition, the partnership will enable SKB to realize its goal of achieving greater control over the development, optimization and customization of its entire digital banking offering, helping it to provide an enhanced end-to-end journey for its customers, and allowing it to orchestrate every step of the customer lifecycle across all touchpoints – from seamless, instantaneous online onboarding to enhanced customer service and personalized offers.

We were looking to partner with a trendsetter in the digital banking world to help us achieve our goal of providing the best digital banking experience in the market – and Backbase was the natural fit. With Backbase as our partner, we will be able to provide the solutions our customers expect and continuously meet their needs as they grow. We are confident that this is the beginning of a longstanding relationship with Backbase, and that the partnership will be crucial to not only our evolution and expansion, but also that of many other OTP Group member banks.

Anita Stojčevska, Chief Executive Officer at SKB banka

SKB banka consistently strives to maintain its best-in-class status, as evidenced by repeated external recognition of its outstanding business results. We are delighted that SKB selected Backbase as its partner to support the seamless growth of its digital banking solutions. We look forward to supporting not only SKB, but also the wider OTP Group, to help them to continue to provide the outstanding banking services that customers have come to expect.

Matthijs Eijpe, Regional Vice President EMEA at Backbase

About SKB banka and OTP Group

SKB banka has been part of OTP Group since 2019. It is a universal bank, providing a wide range of financing and investment products and services for individual and corporate clients. SKB banka operates all over Slovenia and enables its service through branches network in combination with digital banking and support through Contact Center. SKB banka has been recognized as the best bank in Slovenia in the last years by financial experts (The Banker award, Global Finance, Euromoney). Beside the recognition of outstanding business results, SKB banka has also owned the title Superbrand in Slovenia for the last 2 years.

About SKB banka

OTP Bank is one of the leading banks in Hungary and it is also one of the most stable and reliable financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe. In recent years OTP Group has completed several successful acquisitions, becoming a key player in the region. The banking group is currently present in 11 countries: Hungary, where it is headquartered and listed, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Montenegro, Ukraine, Russia, Albania, Moldova and Slovenia.