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Essential resources for banking executivesEnter ‘Banking Reinvented’

From traditional to omnichannel banking

Lessons learned from’s digital transformation is driving innovation in European banking with a digital-first philosophy and a customer-centric operating model.

In only a few years, the bank went from a purely digital sub-brand of Postová banka to The Banker’s 2021 Slovakian “Bank of the Year.” is now a major player on the Eastern European market.

During the interactive fireside chat,’s Marcel Bezak, Chief Enterprise Architect, and Martin Horvath, Chief Innovation Officer, shared key insights from the bank’s journey.

Watch the full video now to get actionable tips on how to execute your bank’s transformation

Learn more about:

  • The challenges and lessons of turning a digital transformation vision into a value-based roadmap
  • How moving from CAPEX to OPEX revealed new revenue streams
  • Getting buy-in from the boardroom
  • Practical steps on change management with a full rebrand


  • Marcel Bezak

    Marcel Bezak,

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